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ルクアイーレ1階、イセタンシーズナルセレクション FUNC SHOPタニグチで、S.の商品のお取り扱いが決まりました✨⁠




開催日時 2022年09月16日(金曜日)〜

⁠営業時間 10:30~20:30(変更する可能性がございますので最新の情報はルクアイーレのHPよりご確認ください。)⁠

開催場所 ルクアイーレ1F イセタンシーズナルセレクション FUNC SHOPタニグチ

We are trying our best sustainable living to be more accessible by offering chic lifestyle items in stores around Japan and possibly abroad !

And today we're so delighted to announce that we're in 「 FUNC SHOP Taniguchi」 store in LUCUA 1100!

You can find the most sustainable version of products that we can use, eat, wear daily basis!

Its very exciting because this is the first store that offer our goods in Kansai region !

Please come by and discover products that make your life sustainable!⁠

Dates: 2022/09/16 (Fri)〜 ⁠

Hours: 10:30~20:30※it may change due to any circumstances so please check the LUCUA 110’s website beforehand

⁠Place: FUNC SHOP Taniguchi, Isetan Seasonal Selection, LUCUA 1100 1F

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