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11月9日~22日にルクアイーレ大阪1階 FUNC SHOPタニグチにて、S.のポップアップが開催されます。



We are happy to announce that from November 09 to November 11, we will have our own pop up corner in FUNC SHOP Taniguchi at Lucua Osaka (1F)!

Apart from our popular bamboo tooth brush, there will be many other items that make your daily life a bit more eco-firendly. Thanks to the naturalistic, stylish design, our products are also great as gifts! Feel free to come by and check our products out!

▼詳細▼⁠ 開催日時 2022年11月9日 ~22日⁠ ⁠営業時間 10:30~20:30(変更する可能性がございますので最新の情報はルクアイーレのHPよりご確認ください。)⁠ 開催場所 ルクアイーレ1F イセタンシーズナルセレクション FUNC SHOPタニグチ⁠⁠

▼Shop info▼⁠ Date: 2022/11/9-22 open 10:30-20:30⁠ Place: Lucua Osaka 1100, 1F at FUNC SHOP Taniguchi⁠

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